Trillian is the best Skype for Business alternative
Trillian's vast array of features help your organization bridge the gap from where Skype left off. With 1:1 and group messaging, video and voice calling, screen sharing, and so much more, Trillian for Business can help your organization stay connected. Plus, Trillian is one of only a few remaining messaging products that can be run completely on-premises!
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Why your organization will love Trillian over Skype
Easy to Use
Easy to Use
These days it feels like everyone is re-inventing instant messaging in order to sell you a new way of doing the same old thing. Trillian's user interface is simple and easy to use, ensuring employees aren't wasting time learning a new tool.
Acts Like an Instant Messenger
Acts Like an Instant Messenger
Trillian isn't clunky or bloated and doesn't take up 1 gigabyte of RAM like newer chat tools tend to. A simple contact list and chat window will be a comfort to users of all skill levels, while modern features keep end users happily chatting.
Easy to Administer
Easy to Administer
Stay in control of who is allowed to use Trillian and what features they're allowed to utilize with centralized administration. Unlike Skype, as new employees are onboarded they automatically appear on everyone else's contact list.
Optional On-Premises Server
Optional On-Premises Server
We're one of the few remaining companies fully committed to on-prem solutions: you can run your own Trillian Server behind the firewall on your own hardware if you so desire, ensuring total ownership of communications.
Trillian is affordable
Trillian is an affordable alternative to Skype for Business. Our pricing is transparent, always. We also include all of our features into a single license, helping prevent guessing games when it comes to maximizing your ROI. And, unlike Skype for Business, we provide tier 1 support and roadmap influence with all of our license options. When you get into sticky situations, we're always there to help.
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Free for everyone. Stay in touch with family and friends using a feature-packed messenger that respects user privacy.
Individual Pro
per month
1 user
For power users who want the best Trillian has to offer. All of the bells and whistles are unlocked for your chatting enjoyment.
user / month
5 user minimum
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For companies who want to leverage modern instant messaging without compromising on security or control.
user / month
5 user minimum
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For companies with strict regulatory requirements. On-prem server, data exports and retention, HIPAA, audit logs & more.
Trillian has product stability and longevity
In its current incarnation (and there have been many), Skype for Business is just a rebranded version of Microsoft Lync, which was an evolution of the Microsoft OCS client, which was itself some weird mutation of the original MSN Messenger client. The latest news: Skype for Business is now being sunset in favor of the new Microsoft Teams, making Skype a dead product walking.
Trillian was first released in July of 2000 with the idea of bringing interoperability to instant messaging. Our simple and sustainable business model - you give us money, we give you Trillian - means you're our customer and not our product, freeing you from worrying about "how we'll make money someday" and what parts of your privacy we'll need to invade to do so. All we've done for the past 20+ years is build great chat software.
Timeline of Microsoft chat products
Trillian has centralized administration
Everything your users can do in Trillian can be controlled centrally, and an optional centralized chat history archive allows your business to stay on the right side of compliance and regulatory concerns. Small businesses and customers from highly regulated industries like healthcare alike are able to enjoy Trillian's full feature set while still staying compliant.
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Compare Trillian to Skype for Business
Trillian has many of the same features of Skype for Business, but these are a few that make us stand out.
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