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New Pig
Supplies & Equipment
New Pig is the number one brand that helps companies manage leaks, drips and spills to protect workers, facilities and the environment.
Since 1985, New Pig has helped over 300,000 industrial, commercial, institutional and retail facilities in 70 countries find better ways to keep workplace environments clean and safe. Known for their innovative solutions, the company has picked up 32 Plant Engineering Product of the Year Awards since it was founded - not too shabby for a business founded on ground-up corn cob and pantyhose, right?
The problem
A few years ago, New Pig recognized that while their customer service and experience was very good, they needed to step up their game to take the business to the next level. After working with an outside consulting firm on ways to improve the level of care delivered to customers, New Pig identified a need to be able to do live transfers of support calls in order to no longer put customers on hold. For this to work, New Pig required a messaging service that allowed employees to exchange information behind the scenes.
Since adopting Trillian, we've been able to eliminate hold times between customer service and technical support, resulting in a tremendous improvement in experience for our customers.
Jennifer Weyant Technical Services Manager
The solution
After an exhaustive amount of competitive research New Pig chose to spin up the cloud-based version of Trillian and hasn't looked back since. Thanks to Trillian, employees are able to quickly exchange information about an ongoing support call as well as avoid email for short-form internal company discussions. In addition, New Pig is leveraging Trillian's powerful persistent group chat feature in order to keep different teams connected throughout the day.
Being able to communicate with co-workers via Trillian while on the phone with a customer has given us the ability to provide truly seamless customer interaction.
Jennifer Weyant Technical Services Manager
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