Improve care team communication with secure messaging
Your healthcare organization needs secure instant messaging, and Trillian's HIPAA-compliant platform has you covered. We help teams of all sizes improve clinical communication without breaking the bank.
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Trusted by healthcare companies large and small:
When it comes to healthcare, timely communication is critical. Faster communication means better patient care. Trillian stays running on your desktop or mobile device - or both - and alerts you promptly when new messages arrive. Surface critical information using urgent messages, and know when messages are read with read receipts.
Keep staff focused on patient experience, not playing phone tag. Staffing a front desk or call center? The ability to quietly backchannel instant messages between employees while they're on the phone or helping a patient is one of the many ways instant messaging improves care team communication.
We've got your back. You'll find plenty of companies bragging about their "bank-grade security", but most don't bother investing in rigorous certification programs like the HITRUST CSF. Trillian has achieved HITRUST CSF certification because securing and safeguarding customer data is an important part of our business model.
How does Trillian help improve care team communication?
Secure instant messaging means your employees can use their mobile devices again.
Your employees walk around with mobile devices they can't use to communicate! A secure messaging solution like Trillian means employees can finally leverage secure text messaging while still keeping your business on the right side of healthcare regulations.
Group chats act as shared and persistent knowledge centers that let your care teams stay in touch in real time.
Organize many-to-many group chats by care team, department, or whatever makes sense for you. Persistent group chats help you create a shared knowledge center ensuring care teams stay in sync through staff rotations and changing patient status.
File and image sharing means you can easily and securely send pictures and files from mobile devices.
Leverage Trillian's iOS and Android clients to securely share pictures. Drag and drop documents into chat windows from the desktop. You can even lock Trillian down to prevent saving photos to camera rolls to help protect against accidental PHI disclosure.
Read receipts let your employees know when their messages have been read, reducing confusion.
Especially useful in busy environments when responses aren't always necessary, read receipts let your users know when their messages have been read by the other party. This can eliminate the need for follow-up questions.
Use urgent messages to make sure messages break through muted or 'do not disturb' modes.
Urgent messages always play sounds and show notifications even if someone has muted your window or marked themselves as do not disturb. Urgent messages also notify all connected devices, even if they're idle.
HIPAA-friendly automatic PIN and password-based client locking keeps unattended devices secure.
In addition to standard password-based authentication flows, Trillian clients can be configured to automatically lock after a period of inactivity with a special PIN code (or user password) required to unlock.
Trillian has provided a solid, affordable IM solution for D-H for several years. However, they have also been willing to collaborate in order to develop a platform that can adhere to the strict regulatory requirements of healthcare. This is an example of a win/win relationship that helps drive down the cost of healthcare.
Bill Weyrick Director Information Systems at Dartmouth-Hitchcock
Encryption at rest and in transit.
All connections to Trillian are encrypted using TLS 1.2+. Additionally, data is encrypted at rest at both the disk level (using technologies like BitLocker and LUKS) and the file level (using database-specific encryption methods).
Optional on-premises deployment.
We're one of the few remaining companies fully committed to on-prem solutions: you can run your own Trillian Server behind the firewall on your own hardware if you so desire, ensuring total ownership of clinical communications.
Full control over data retention periods.
Want an ephemeral communication system? No problem: you can configure Trillian to never persist chat history or shared media on disk, sacrificing some usability for iron-clad guarantees as to where your communications live.
Public or Private
Public group chats are visible in the company directory and can be joined by anyone. Private group chats are ad-hoc and can be created by employees as they have need for them.
Muting allows you to join a group chat to passively monitor it without being alerted by every new message. Especially useful for managers who need to check in periodically.
Expose topics for group chats to advertise purpose or broadcast important information to users.
Get the attention of a particular user by leveraging @mentions, which break through muted windows and surface special alerts to the recipient.
Trillian is the primary method of communication between our company's three call centers across three different states. Between supervisors, clinicians, and everyone else, Trillian has become a vitally important tool that helps us facilitate positive caller outcomes.
Scott Oldfield Manager of Special Projects at ProtoCall Services
Frequently asked questions
Is Trillian HIPAA compliant?
Trillian itself has received HITRUST CSF certification, and we provide many different features to help customers achieve HIPAA compliance, but remember that compliance is a shared responsibility between your organization and Cerulean. Read our HIPAA Compliance guide to learn more.
How does Trillian protect my data?
As you should expect, we encrypt all customer data in transit and at rest. But there's much more: read our Security Practices document to how we're working to ensure your data stays protected.
Where do messages, images, and files sent via Trillian get stored?
All customer data is stored in a centralized secure location, either our cloud or yours if using Trillian Server. A secure and centralized data store is essential for helping maintain compliance with HIPAA accounting and disclosure rules.
How long are messages stored on the server?
Messages are stored indefinitely until an administrator chooses to delete them. Customers can also set retention periods - including for individual group chats - to automatically delete data after a period of time.
Does this mean I can run Trillian in a "no chat history" mode?
Yes. Retention policies can be configured such that no data is stored on the server or client side, inclusive of messages, shared images, and files. If configured this way, disabling a user account means user devices lose access to company data completely, with no trace cache or storage on the devices themselves.
Will Cerulean sign a Business Associate Agreement (BAA)?
Yes. If you're a covered entity (as defined by HIPAA), signing up for Trillian for Business means you're also falling under Cerulean Studios' standard Business Associate Agreement as well. No protracted negotiations or exorbitant fees required.
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