Cerulean Studios was officially founded in 2000,
the same year Trillian started its long journey as an interoperable instant messaging client. After nearly 20 years in business, we can no longer convincingly call ourselves a startup but it certainly still feels that way! Our primary focus is on building services to help consumers and businesses alike leverage instant messaging to stay in touch and improve workplace collaboration. We believe that the internet would be a better place if instant messaging networks would play nice with each other and will continue doing our part to make this a reality.
50 Million+
Connecticut, USA
Well this is rather awesome. Cerulean Studios may have just become the first company in the world to implement ... the Continuous Client.
Our approach to open instant messaging ...
  1. The protocol that powers Trillian's instant messaging network (IMPP) is open, meaning that others can write their own client to connect to the Trillian network without our involvement. Some companies accomplish this by exposing an API, but access to an API is something that can be easily revoked on a whim. This is why we believe in truly open protocols ala HTTP and XMPP.
  2. The design of IMPP is such that different Trillian servers can talk to each other using federation, and we've chosen to adopt the popular XMPP protocol for this purpose. This makes it possible for you to use your work Trillian account to talk to your spouse (company-permitting!) or for two companies running Trillian to talk to each other.
Cerulean is delivering something truly unique .... It neatly fixed one of my biggest gripes with instant messaging and has made Trillian a must-have for me across all devices.
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