Trillian helps teams of all sizes communicate with its powerful combination of traditional instant messaging and modern team communication features.
Trillian is a great alternative to Slack and Microsoft Teams
that gives you strict control over your data and doesn't break the bank. With Trillian, individual teams at your company can stay in touch through one-to-one private chats and many-to-many group chats, pull in external information with a chat bot and our RESTful API, and keep their sanity with fine-tuned control over notifications and privacy.
Presence and Unread Indicators
Track multiple conversations with tabbed chatting. Contact status and unread message counts are available at a glance.
Enhanced Messaging
Insert emoji, images, voice clips, files, and configurable text snippets.
Expose topics for group chats to advertise purpose or broadcast important information to users.
Get the attention of a particular user by leveraging @mentions, which break through muted windows and surface special alerts to the recipient.
Since adopting Trillian, we've been able to eliminate hold times between customer service and technical support, resulting in a tremendous improvement in experience for our customers.
Flexible status message and presence support sets Trillian apart
from most of today's "team communication" tools which have a reduced focus on this classic instant messaging utility. Set yourself online, away, do not disturb, or even invisible so that your contacts know if you're available for chatting or not. Additionally, customizable status messages are a great way to share your current working status to your entire team without any effort on their part.
Meet Tricia McMillan, your company chat bot.
Customizable slash commands offer endless possibilities for unique and company-specific integrations. Query company-specific databases, check the company bus schedule, or even program Tricia to send messages to specific group chats as a part of your larger devops practices.
The day we made the switch to Trillian, pretty much everyone agreed that it was a huge win for us and amazingly easy to use compared to what we were using before. Trillian "just works" across desktop, mobile, and web-based devices and our team is happily leveraging all three.
Secure Messaging
Your company's own private instant messaging network, optionally hosted on your own server.
Secure Group Chats
Bring teams together with group chats that can be configured by admins or end users as you prefer.
File and Image Transfers
Drag and drop files and images for instant sharing to contacts or even to group chats.
Screen Capture
Click and drag a rectangle around the desired portion of your screen to share it with your contacts as an image.
Voice Clips
On mobile versions of Trillian, send short voice clips during those times that the keyboard isn't accessible.
Desktop and Mobile Clients
Trillian has true old-school-native desktop clients on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, and the web.
Chat History Viewer and Search
Desktop clients offer a dedicated chat history viewer with search, a built in calendar control, and summary views.
Read Receipts
See when contacts have received and read your messages. Helps prevent and start fights at the same time.
Urgent Messages
Urgent messages break through muted windows and do not disturb mode if you really need someone's attention.
Customizable Notifications
Fine-grained control over sounds and notifications ensure you're only interrupted by the things you care about.
Trillian's full support for the latest emoji graphics means you're always expressing yourself in style.
Blast Messaging
Send one-to-many blast messages when you want replies to come directly to you and not to a group chat.
Mute contacts or group chats if you need a break from selected conversations only.
Do Not Disturb
Mute everyone with Trillian's special do not disturb mode if you need a break from everything..
Ensure you're not making a fool of yourself professionally with our handy built-in spellchecker.
Text Formatting Options
Express yourself with font colors, sizes, and formatting options like bold and italic.
Send and receive standard text messages to mobile phones not a part of your Trillian network.
Trillian can be integrated with third-party services via Tricia McMillan, your company's chat bot.
Leverage our flexible RESTful API to send messages to group chats, pull chat history, and more.
Centralized Administration
Companies stay in full control of their users and policies centrally, ensuring access to Trillian is strictly regulated.
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