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This overview page contains a summary of some of the things we think our users need to know, written in plain english. This overview page is not a legal document and does not contain legally binding terms! If you choose to use Trillian, you will need to review and accept the Trillian Customer Agreement and other agreements as applicable to your use case.

What Do I Need to Know About Privacy and Trillian?

Trillian is a standalone instant messaging service made by Cerulean Studios for both individual users and companies alike. As such, the nature of Trillian is to enable you to send and receive instant messages and files to and from your contacts. Importantly: once you send someone a message or file, you are no longer in exclusive control of it, so be careful who you choose to communicate with! It's also important to note that if you use Trillian as a chat client to connect to a third-party service like Facebook, you also need to make sure the third-party service is doing the right things with your data as well.

When I Use Trillian, Who Might See My Data?

How Can I Delete My Trillian Account?

Deletion of Trillian Accounts is a self-serve process and can be initiated by following the instructions here. There are exceptions to this if you run Trillian at work, where your company may be in control of your account.

What Happens to My Data When I Delete My Trillian Account?

When you delete your Trillian Account, we hard delete your information in a non-recoverable way. Remnants of your activity in the form of access logs and backups may exist for an additional 90 days until purged, as we store both for 90 days to help us run the business and to ensure we can recover from a catastrophic data loss event. There are exceptions to this if you run Trillian at work, where your company decides how long to hold on to information associated with your Trillian Account.

How Can I Contact You With Questions?

We welcome any questions you might have about our privacy practices and are always available via email. You can reach us at privacy-feedback@ceruleanstudios.com.