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Affordable solutions for every type of business.
per user / month
Yearly billing is also available and includes a 10% discount. Both monthly and yearly billing support credit cards; yearly billing can optionally be handled by invoice.
Your company's private IM network, securely hosted on trillian.im. 1:1 and group chats, simple media and file sharing, full administrative controls.
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billed annually
Pricing includes one year of support and software upgrades. Subsequent years of support and upgrades are optional and would cost 50% of the purchase price.
Take Trillian Server behind the firewall for the ultimate in security and control. Import users from your existing Active Directory or OpenLDAP deployment.
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Data Center
Coming soon
billed annually ?
For companies with unique compliance, DR, and/or HA requirements, Data Center lets you run a cluster of Trillian Servers for the ultimate in control.
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Private IM network
1:1 instant messaging
Team group chats
Federation with other organizations
Presence and status messages
Centralized chat history archive
Private company chat bot
Encryption in transit
Cloud, plus
On-premises server software
Run behind your firewall
Control all of your own data
Integrate with Active Directory
Retention policies
Centralized administration
Enables HIPAA and PCI compliance
Optional encryption at rest
On-premises, plus
Deploy clustered Trillian Servers
Full control of server topology
Enables disaster recovery
Enables high availability
MS SQL support
Dedicated engineer access
24/7 support
4 hour response time
What is the difference between cloud and on-premises?
With cloud, our servers power your chat network, and with on-premises, you run your own Trillian Server on hardware under your control. In both cases you are free to download and install client software on your own machines: Trillian for Business supports native desktop client software!
Cloud: Are there billing minimums?
Billing begins at the 5 user level ($10/month) and increments in 5 user blocks up to 50 users, after which it increments in 10 user blocks.
Cloud: What defines a user?
Anyone you choose to invite to your Trillian for Business account counts as a user for billing purposes.
Cloud: How does billing work?
Simply plug in a credit card to keep services running after your free 30 day trial, or contact us directly if you need to be invoiced for a yearly plan.
On-Premises: What defines a user?
On-premises servers are licensed according to concurrently connected users, not devices. For example, you can import all 2000 employees into Trillian Server but pay for a 500 user license if you anticipate only 500 being connected at the same time.
On-Premises: How does billing work?
Trials of Trillian Server are limited to 5 concurrently connected users. To purchase a license, contact us with your desired user tier and we can take a credit card or invoice you directly. Upon receipt of payment we will issue you a license key to lift your concurrency limit.