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LDAP sources

If you're using Active Directory or OpenLDAP with Trillian Server, importing is how you'll synchronize changes on the LDAP side with Trillian Server. Your LDAP directory is considered authoritative, and Trillian Server never makes any writes back to the directory. This means it's always safe to make changes on the Trillian side without worrying about modifying or harming your LDAP environment.

Even when using LDAP, you can still add users manually if someone outside of your LDAP environment needs access to Trillian Server.

Importing users from an LDAP source

  1. From Users and Groups, click Tasks > Synchronize with Active Directory or Tasks > Synchronize with OpenLDAP:
  2. Review the displayed settings for accuracy, especially your usernames and passwords!
  3. If you need to add an additional DN from which to pull users, click Add additional Users DN to provide it.
  4. If you need to delete an existing DN, click the X button that appears on the right side of the DN.
  5. Once things look good, click Next. Trillian Server will now connect to your LDAP environment and look for changes.
  6. If changes are found, click Synchronize if you wish to proceed or Back if you need to modify settings and try again.
  7. Click Done.