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Upgrading Trillian Server

The most important thing to do before attempting a Trillian Server upgrade is to ensure you have an up-to-date backup of your existing deployment available in a safe place. This way, even if something goes catastrophically wrong, the server can be rolled back to the previous version in a consistent state. We therefore recommend you follow these steps before you begin:

  1. Stop the Trillian Server service.
  2. Close any open copy of Trillian Server Manager.
  3. Take a complete snapshot of your server data by copying the full data directory to the desktop.

You should now be in a position where you have the new installer on hand, the legacy installer available in case of an emergency, and the entire data directory of your server backed up should you need to restore it. It's time to upgrade! To upgrade Trillian Server, simply launch the installer and let it do its job. If the service is already running, the installer will shut it down before performing an upgrade. Your existing database will remain intact, the service will be restarted, and clients should be able to connect again immediately following the upgrade.

The default location for Trillian Server's data directory is "C:\ProgramData\Trillian Server\".