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On-Site Backups

Trillian Server automatically performs daily backups of its internal database. Backups are stored according to a day-of-the-week grandfathering system ("Mon", "Tue", "Wed", etc) and are subsequently overwritten every 7 days.

The default location for Trillian Server's automatic backups is "C:\ProgramData\Trillian Server\config\plugins\sqlite\db\backups".
In addition to on-site backups of your databases, we recommend you make a backup of your trillianserver.conf file. This file contains important information relating to your Trillian Server installation that cannot be otherwise recovered, and is also not a part of the standard on-site backup!

Off-Site Backups

When using Amazon S3 storage, Trillian Server automatically sends encrypted backups to S3 once per week. When using local storage, no off-site backups are performed by Trillian Server. You should use the backup strategy of your choice to copy your on-site backups to an off-site location.